Testing Weird Amazon Products |Blackhead Pore Vacuum

Another episode of Testing Weird Amazon Products!
Today I’m testing out this blackhead pore vacuum.
Though I was way too aggressive with it the first time, I have to say, it DID INDEED clean out my pores…….and sucked my soul out with it. haha!
I had my lashes done the following day and my technician even made a comment that my skin was glowing and my pores were clean! lol! That makes me wonder how bad I looked before.

Also, I apologize for my camera going in and out of focus. This was my first time using my camera and not my phone, and I definitely need to work out the kinks!

I definitely think it could be great when used at a lower setting. I do like the fact it has different settings for your skin type as well as suction settings.
If you want to see it in action and watch my suck my face off, just watch above!! Enjoy!