Amazon Fashion Haul: Summer Vacation Edition plus Sandals Grenada Review

Amazon Fashion Haul Summer Vacation Edition

Hey y’all!
Kenny and I returned last week from a little slice of Heaven and we can not wait to go back! We stayed at the Sandals Grenada Resort in St. George and I can not say enough about it! I’m going to break this blog post up in two parts. First, I’ll be covering everything I brought with me, fashion-wise, then I will review the resort and give you all the details on our experience! 95% of everything I brought was from Amazon, so it will be like a little amazon fashion haul – summer vacation style!!
Hope you enjoy!

Amazon Fashion Haul: Summer Vacation Edition

Swimsuit Coverups

Swimsuit Coverup and Beach Bag. Beachwear.

Swimsuit Coverup / Dress – 9 colors / I’m wearing the navy blue in a small.
Layered Shell Necklace
Initial Bracelets here and here  – I got my girls’ initials on them.
Sunglasses – I have color “A”
Beach Bag
Similar Sandals

Amazon Fashion Striped Romper

Off the Shoulder Striped Romper – I’m wearing a Medium
Brixton Beach Hat – I have the color “Honey” / 5 color options

Amazon Fashion Swimsuit coverup

Tunic T-Shirt Swim Coverup – I sized up to a large / 5 color options

Amazon Fashion Crochet Swimsuit Coverup

Crochet Tunic Swim Coverup – I have “Beige 2” / 26 colors and styles
Clear Tote Bag – I have “Apricot” / 4 color options

Casual Outfits and Dresses

Amazon Fashion - lightweight sweater and flows shorts.  Resort Style

Twist Back Lightweight Star Sweater – wearing medium / 3 colors
Flowy Shorts – 15 colors / I have “Brick Red” / wearing size 2/4
Brixton Beach Hat – I have the color “Honey”/ 5 colors
Pearl Sandals / I also have the studded version available HERE

Amazon Fashion Smocked top and linen shorts.  Beach Style

Smocked Crop Top – wearing a small / 12 color options and styles
Linen Blend Shorts – not amazon
Fedora Beach Hat – 30+ colors / Color “Brown” pictured
Circular Rattan Purse – 10 colors / color ” Star Ata Grass (Brown-m)”
Pearl Sandals / I also have the studded version available HERE

Amazon Fashion Bodysuit and Lace Shorts

Square neck Bodysuit – 8 colors / wearing a small
Crochet / Lace Shorts – 4 colors / wearing a small but wish I got a medium for a looser fit.
Cresent Pendant Necklace
Clear Tote Bag – I have “Apricot” / 4 color options

Amazon Fashion Sweater Tank

Sweater Tank – 8 colors / wearing color “ROSE” / wearing a small
Denim Shorts – not amazon
Studded Sandals – LOVE These / fit TTS
Cresent Pendant Necklace

Amazon Resort Dress

One Shoulder Maxi Dress – this color is out of stock / 3 colors available
Pearl Sandals / I also have the studded version available HERE
Jeweled Bobby Pins

Tie Front Romper

Tie Front Romper – 7 colors / wearing a medium
Circular Rattan Purse – 10 colors / color ” Star Ata Grass (Brown-m)”
Studded Sandals – LOVE These / fit TTS

Floral Maxi Dress perfect for vacation

Floral Split Maxi Dress – 7 colors / wearing color “FLORAL 02” / small


Ruffle Top Swimsuit

Ruffle Top Swimsuit – 8 colors / fits TTS / color “TEAL” / wearing a small

Dalmation Dot Print Swimsuit

Dalmation Print Swimsuit / comes as a set but the bottoms were a little too cheeky for me so I wore them with THESE (pictured)
Sunglasses – 7 color options / wearing “SOLID BLACK”

Cupshe Swimsuit

Velvet Swimsuit – 5 colors / pictured in color ” GREEN” / TTS

Swim Suits

Similar Tie Front Bandeau Top
Leopard Bikini Bottoms
Palm Leaf “V” top
Dalmation Print Top
Black Bottoms
Smocked off the shoulder Swim Top

Sunglasses and Jewelry

Amazon Sunglasses

Left Sunglasses – color Tortoise Brown
Middle Sunglasses – color Solid Black
Right Sunglasses – color A / these are my favorite
Travel Sunglasses Case – highly recommend

Part 2: Review of the Sandals Resort in Grenada

Sandals Resort Grenada Review

So now let’s talk about our stay at the Sandals Resort in Grenada.
Here’s a little video showing a room tour and some videos I took while we were there.

I’ve had so many questions about the resort and several of you have messaged me that you are now planning a trip there or booked your honeymoon, anniversary trip, vacation, etc after seeing it! That makes me so incredibly happy because this resort is truly one to put on your bucket list!
We have been to four other Sandals Resorts and although all of them have been nothing short of amazing, this one is hands down, the best, in our opinion! Here are the most frequently asked questions about our trip!

What Room Did you Stay In?
We stayed in the Oceanview Skypool Butler Suite. Our Room Number was 3402.
I can not say enough about this incredible room. As seen in the video, it’s like a mini apartment and the balcony is unbelievable! We weren’t sure if we were going to use the infinity pool as much but we definitely did and we are so happy we ungraded to that room. After a day at the beach, we would head back to the room and dip in for an hour or so before we went to dinner that evening and even after dinner. We had one rainy day so we spent a lot of time on our balcony and pool also. If you don’t get a room with the Skypool, not to worry because there is SOOO much to do at the resort and two HUGE pools you can use.

Floral Maxi Dress perfect for vacation

Is i all Inclusive?
YES! All sandals resorts are all-inclusive (and adult only) so you can eat and drink as much as your little heart desires!

What does a Butler Suite Mean?
This means our room came with our own personal butlers! If your room does not come with a butler, a HIGHLY recommend requesting one! Our butlers were Willem, Marlon and Kurt!
They do EVERYTHING for you from making your dinner reservations to reserving you the perfect chairs on the beach or pool each morning. They bring you a little ice chest full of water, beer, etc to have next to you. You can call them when you need another drink at the beach, though we would just walk up to the bar at the beach. They also have servers walking around the beach taking orders if you don’t have a butler. We would call them to order room service, ask questions and they even brought us lunch at the beach. You get a little cell phone to carry around so you can call them at anytime! Hands down, they were the best!

Do you have to leave the resort for anything?
You can, but there is so much to do, we did not. There are 10 restaurants on site! We ate at Spice’s every morning! They have a breakfast buffet that is DELICIOUS!

Sandals Grenada

How many pools do they have?
One is a chill pool with seating and a fire pit right in the middle of it and the second is more of a “party pool” with a swim up bar. Both are HUGE pools!

Sandals Grenada

Are there night activities?
YES! Every single night. From games to performers, there’s never a boring moment. They have a huge covered area with swings and chairs, a bar, coffee station, couches, etc where they have events at night or just a place to chill during the day! The day it rained, we played bingo there!

Sandals Grenada

Must eat at Restaurant?
Butch’s Steakhouse! We ate there on our last night. It’s delicious. You do have to make reservations so it’s recommended to make them for the night you choose when you arrive.

What makes it better than any other Sandals?
Every Sandals we have been to has honestly been amazing. We have not had one bad experience. But Grenada is just different. Not only is it HUGE but the layout is perfect and the greenery is just gorgeous. There are trees, flowers, fire pits, waterfalls everywhere. Everyone always had a smile on their face and were so sweet. The beach is gorgeous and there are more than enough chairs on the beach to sit and lots of hammocks. When we went to Barbados, the beach was a little rough and there were limited chairs but in Grenada, they have rocks enclosing the beach to make the water more calm.

Sandals Grenada

How long did you stay?
DEFINITELY not long enough! haha!
We stayed 4 days and 3 nights and we both said we wish we booked longer. I would highly recommend AT LEAST 5 nights so you have time to try all the restaurants and experience the whole resort.

Is it a long ride from the airport to the hotel?’s only FIVE minutes!!!
I remember when we went to St. Lucia for our honeymoon and it was 2 hours! I was getting so car sick! lol!

Do you have to buy your alcohol or is it included?
Everything is included. You even have bars in your room fully stocked with wines, champagne, beer, sodas, juice, and liquors.

Favorite drink while there?
This is a hard one! haha!
My FAVORITE was the nutty Russian!
Frozen drink would be between the mudslide and the hummingbird.

Swimsuit Coverup and Beach Bag. Beachwear.

We want to book for our 20th wedding anniversary but is it more of a crowd for younger people?
That’s what I loved about this resort. There was a mix of all ages. And there were zero crazy, loud obnoxious people.
We actually had a couple sitting next to us on the beach that lives about 3 hours from us! Small world! There are some sandals are geared more towards a younger crowd, some geared more towards retired couples but this resort was a mix of both! It was perfect and definitely not overcrowded.

How was the weather?
We had one day that rained from about lunch until the evening and the rest of the days were gorgeous.
I learned that July-December is considered the rainy season.
January-June is considered the dry season but all year round, temps are in the 80’s.

Tell me everything I need to know…my husband and I are booking our trip..what should I pack?
YAY! first, you are going to have an AMAZING time!
We pretty much stayed in our bathing suits /coverups all day then changed for dinner at night. We packed a small little radio that connected to Bluetooth so we had a radio on the beach and on the balcony. Highly recommend that! There is free wifi so we just connected it to amazon music. Also, this is random, but the bathrooms (outside of your rooms) are SO clean and smell like a spa inside! They have board games available for you to take to your room if you wish and definitely check out the cocktails of the day! I always tried those and they were delicious! There’s a pizza restaurant called Dino’s and they had a pizza called the Florentina that my mouth is still watering over!

You can check out all the Sandals Resorts and read more about Grenada HERE!

Well that about wraps it up! If you have any other questions, feel free to message me! Thanks for stopping by!!!