Amazon Prime Day Fashion Edition

Amazon Prime Day

Hey y’all! It’s currently 2 am and I’m all packed and ready to head to the beautiful island of St. George! I can’t wait to take you along on our trip! But before we go, I had to find some fashion deals for you guys for Amazon Prime Day! I’m super bummed I won’t be able to cover the sale in as much detail as I wish I could but…next year, I promise not to schedule any trips during one of the biggest sales of the year! haha! Okay – here is what I’ve found so far. You can click on each picture to take you to the item!

Happy Prime Day Shopping!!!!

You can shop all the prime day deals by clicking here

amazon prime day fashion finds

Click any image below to take you to that item!

****Please note – some of these deals do not go live until later in the day. If you click an item and it’s not discounted, save it and come back to check it later!

All Amazon Prime Day Fashion Items available HERE

This is what the above dress looks like on. I just have the off the shoulder version. Love it!

Amazon High Low Dress

Here is what this one looks like on:

Here’s what this one looks like on:

Here’s what it looks like on:

Here’s what it looks like on:

Here’s it on:

here’s this one on:

All right loves, it’s time for me to change and head to the airport! I only made it through about HALF the deals! There are so many good ones!
Let me know what you end up getting! Talk to you all soon!