SHEIN Spring Shoe Haul: Designer Dupes and More

Spring Shoe Haul

SHEIN Spring Shoe Haul: Designer Dupes and More

Hey friends! Today I did a spring shoe haul in my stories on Instagram from SHEIN. I’ve got a couple Golden Goose Dupes to share with you as well as some really cute snakeskin print shoes PLUS a dress that unfortunately didn’t work out too well. More on that later! You can check out my stories HERE by clicking my story highlights called “SHEIN”.

I will say, make sure you read the sizing on each pair of shoes. They do run a tad small. In my actual Golden Goose shoes, I wear a 37 (I’m a 7.5 US) and these I got a 38. I will have all the details under each picture and the best part is each item is under $30.
Here are their current coupons as of today.

SHEIN coupons

Golden Goose Dupes

I compared these to my Golden Goose Sneakers in more stories, but I have to say, I’m really shocked by how much they look like the real thing! And for around $20 you can’t go wrong. I know these distressed sneakers are not for everyone, my sister calls them my fugly shoes, but I don’t care, I’m in love with them and I wear mine pretty much every day! Definitely worth it!
But back to the dupes:

Golden Goose Leopard Dupe

Leopard Print Lace Up Sneakers $21
Comes in 2 color options
I got a 38 (I’m a 7.5 US)
These are so comfortable and one of my top favorites from the haul!
Leopard is my favorite neutral so you can pretty much wear these with anything to step up your outfit just a tad!

golden goose dupe

Sequins Lace Up Sneaker – $25
I actually got these in a 37 because they were out of stock in the 38.
They are snug but I’m keeping them, honestly not too bad at all. I prefer my shoes to fit more on the snug side. I hate shoes that slip up at the heel! They are SO cute and a great dupe for the next pair of Golden Goose Shoes I have my eye on.
These are selling like crazy so not many sizes are left. And these look like the pair I got Londyn from Amazon:

Snake Skin Shoes

I’m sure you’ve seen that snakeskin is a huge trend for Spring right now and I’m in love! Just like leopard print, you can pretty much add it to any outfit and it looks good!

Snake skin sandal

Buckle Snakeskin Sandals – $23
I got a size 38 (I’m a 7.5 US)
I was unsure about these, but once I put them on with jeans, I loved them. The sole is a really soft velvet material and I feel these are going to be those shoes I thought I wasn’t going to wear much but end up being my most worn shoe. Super comfy too!

snake skin sneakers

SnakeSkin Platform Sneaker – $30
I got a 38 (I’m a 7.5 US)
These shoes yall are sooooo comfortable. They have so much cushion, they feel like you are walking on clouds and around the heel is padded so you don’t have to worry about blisters. You can wear these all day very comfortably. They do have more of a platform sole which I love as well!

Okay yall, I wasn’t going to share this dress because it is going back BUT I know what doesn’t work for me doesn’t mean it won’t work for someone else. If you are expecting, YOU NEED THIS DRESS! I’m so bummed it didn’t work out because I’m so in love with it. What I’m not in love with is the fact it makes me look pregnant from the side. I rocked a faux “balloon” bump just to show you how cute it is if you are expecting…..

snake skin dress

Snakeskin Kimono Dress – $22
Wearing a small

That’s it y’all! Hope you enjoyed this little mini spring shoe haul! Let me know which is your favorite!

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