My Decision After My Saline Implant Deflation

Hey guys!  Happy Friday!
I’m FINALLY getting this post done!  So sorry it has taken forever!  I’ve started it so many times but wanted to make sure I didn’t leave anything out because I’ve had so much interest on this topic.

First, I do want to note that my saline implant deflation experience may be completely different from yours, so don’t think what I went through is exactly what you will go through.

I can’t say enough how much I recommend a saline implant deflation if you are unsure if you want to remove your implants or replace them.  I’ll explain why I am so incredibly thankful I decided to have this procedure done first and not jump right into surgery.

Little Recap on my Saline Implant Deflation 

If you follow me along, you know that last month, I underwent a Saline Implant Deflation.
To sum it up, After almost 13 years, I needed to either remove or exchange my saline breast implants.  Honestly, I wanted them out and not replace them but I wasn’t sure what I would look like.  I was okay with being more flat chested so I went to my doctor to schedule an implant removal with a possible lift and he discussed the implant deflation option with me.

You can read all about that experience and process Here.

You guys, I honestly did not think this was going to be a tough decision.  Immediately following my deflation, I was so excited about the thought to remove my implant “shells” in a few weeks and start my journey with “natural boobs” again.  lol!
But after a few days, I started to question that decision, which is why I am extremely happy to have had the deflation and not went straight to surgery to remove them.

I was prepared to be small chested but I honestly wasn’t even close to that.  That would have been a bonus.  I had NOTHING but extra, saggy skin (why the word “skin” grosses me out, I have no idea, haha)  Let me put it this way…I went and got an “A” cup bra from Target a couple weeks after and I wasn’t even close to filling it out. Not even close. The cups were HUGE on me.  I don’t even think the training bra section would be able to help me.  I know after a deflation, the 6 week period is very important because it gives your skin time to tighten and lift, which it did, but there wasn’t enough tightening and lifting in the world that could save those sad puppies.  The biggest and best push up bra wouldn’t have even helped me.  I mean, have you ever tried to push up saggy skin?  It doesn’t quite “fluff” the way you want it to.

My husband and I discussed it over and over again and he was honestly the most supportive person EVER which helped tremendously.  Getting closer to my pre-op, I honestly wanted to get small implants exchanged but the mom in me felt guilty for considering a surgery that wasn’t necessary and would require recovery time that wouldn’t allow me to really lift my 15-month-old for 2 weeks.


Decision Time

After making myself crazy, at my pre-op, I decided to go forward with exchanging my old saline implants for smaller silicone implants.

Before my first breast augmentation 13 years ago, I was about a B cup.
Before my deflation, I was a 32D, sometimes 32DD depending on the bra.
 my saline implants were filled to 425cc and 440cc’s — my boobs are sisters, not twins…haha!
After deflation, I was a negative AAA cup.
My goal was to be back at a full B or very small C.

I was going to go with a 250 or 275cc silicone implant but after talking with my doctor and because I did have the extra, saggy “skin” (ugh, that word”) we decided on a 300cc silicone implant.

Even after my pre-op, I was conflicted.    Should I just deal with it and give it a year? It would be SO much cheaper just to do the explant.  I’m taking away time from my family.  What if I regret it? All these thoughts were going through my mind.  Again, the mom guilt.  But a very dear friend that I recently met through the good ole internet gave me the best advice ever on that crazy guilt trip we moms tend to struggle with.  We met because she read my original post on the deflation.  Ironically, we had our deflations around the same time and our procedures, post deflation, on the same day….girlfriend, if you are reading this,  it was SUCH a blessing to have you to talk with those weeks and our chats helped me more than you know.

Let’s get real here.
Are saggy skin hanging boobs the end of the world?  No
Are there more important things in life? 100%
But if you can do something for yourself to make you feel more confident and less self-conscious, then go for it girl!

SURGERY DAY and Recovery

saline implant deflation

For me, surgery was a breeze and recovery was very easy.  The hardest part was not getting to hold Maddyn.   I had very minimal discomfort since the pocket under the muscle was already made. The first night I did have some muscle spasms and the typical burning and stretching sensations but it was nothing I would describe as “painful”.  Londyn was such a sweet little nurse and would come and lay in bed with me.  She would bring me soup from her play kitchen and sneak in candy for “me”. (she ate most of it)

Obviously, I can’t go two weeks without holding Maddyn so they taught me how to lift her using my legs more than my chest muscles.

This past Monday was my first day on my own with the girls since my husband went back to work and let’s just say, everything that could have gone wrong, did. I mean, why would it be any other way, right???
– Maddyn busted her lip….twice.
– I lifted her quickly to help her and feel like I busted an internal suture.
– Londyn started to feel sick that day but felt better that night (thank goodness)
– Maddyn got SUPER sick and hasn’t been sleeping well all week.
Tonight is actually the first night she fell asleep okay which is why I’m able to finish this post 😉 
I’ll just stop there because this list is about to get incredibly long.

Anywho, I went in for my post-op on Tuesday and despite a rough week, I’m healing very well.  My doctor said more than likely, I pulled that chest muscle too hard when I lifted her.  I still have a constant discomfort on that side but nothing a little Tylenol can’t handle.  It honestly just feels like a sore muscle now.  I will say though, it hurt like a mother when it happened.

Final Thoughts

If you have saline implants and you are ready to remove them,  I HIGHLY recommend considering an implant deflation first.

Even if you know you want to replace them with let’s say, smaller implants, consider a deflation first.
It gives your skin time to lift and tighten which could help you avoid having to get a lift.

If I would have had SOMETHING left post deflation, I could very well be writing something completely different right now.  Who knows???  I’ve had such minimal if any, swelling and I’m super happy with the more natural, smaller size.  I feel like it fits my frame so much better. I should at a full B or small C once I can get out of these post surgical bras.

But, if you have any questions, are considering the procedure, have gone through it, anything…..please, please feel free to reach out to me. It was so helpful to have someone to talk to during the process that was going through the exact same thing.

I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend!
And I want to wish my mom a very Happy Birthday Today!  We love you so much, Nani!