Designer Dupes: Summer Fashion Edition

It’s that time again!  One of my most request and popular posts are when I share my best designer dupes!
I did a poll on Instagram and the majority voted to see fashion designer dupes over handbag designer dupes, but don’t worry, I have a whole list of handbag dupes that will be coming soon!  I have clothing, swimsuits, accessories, and shoes to share with you today!  If you ever have a dupe you want me to find, send me a message with a screenshot of what you are looking for!  I love a good hunt!  Most of these dupes are found from the same retailer because I wanted to make it simple for you, in case there were multiple items you were interested in.

You can click on each image to take you to the Designer Item or the Dupe.
So without further ado, let’s jump right into the best Designer Dupes, Summer Fashion Edition.

Summer Fashion Designer Dupes


Designer Dupes:  Summer Fashion Edition


$128 vs $29

$450 vs $29


$59 vs $31


$275 vs $18


$675 vs $21


$595 vs $30


$79 vs $16


$670 vs $30


$58 vs $20


$60 vs $13


$148 vs $20


$168 vs $25


$148 vs $32


$60 vs $20


$35 vs $5


$78 vs $10


$140 vs $13